IBCS® with SUCCESS – Successful reports and presentations

As an expert in your field, you have processed important and accurate data. Yet it takes much more to present this data successfully to management or customers.

Focus here must be on your message because recipients will only be able to understand you if you really say what must be said. Management reports require clear notation, as is the case with maps or sheets of music.

This workshop will be conducted in Croatian and English.
This workshop is precondition for attaining the IBCS® Certified Consultant certificate.


The main objective is presenting universal design standards for reports and presentations that will help participants report and present more effectively – with numerous before-and-after examples taken from actual practice. Find out why large corporations including SAP and PHILIPS have successfully standardized their reporting with the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®).


The attendance fee includes training materials, lunch and refreshments during breaks.
Number of places on this workshop is limited.

Introduction: The basics of business communication

  •     Management reports: Reports should have something interesting to report
  •     Presentations: The PowerPoint culture must be questioned
  •     The SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)

SAY: Convey a message

  •     Focus on the message
  •     Detect, explain, or suggest
  •     Substantiate message

STRUCTURE: Organize content


  •     Use homogeneous, non-overlapping and exhaustive elements
  •     Build hierarchical structures
  •     Show logical structure

EXPRESS: Choose proper visualization

  •     Use correct chart type
  •     Add comparisons and variances
  •     Explain causes

SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter

  •     Avoid noise
  •     Avoid redundancies
  •     Replace with cleaner layout

CONDENSE: Increase information density

  •     Utilize space
  •     Add data
  •     Add report elements

CHECK: Ensure visual integrity

  •     Avoid manipulated axes
  •     Avoid misleading representations
  •     Use the same scales

UNIFY: Apply semantic notation

  •     Unify terminology
  •     Apply IBCS® Notation to report elements
  •     Unify analyses


  •     Significant results
  •     Practical application
  •     Next steps

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