Datum održavanja:
Utorak, 17.03.2020.
Rok za prijavu:
Utorak, 10.03.2020.

Duration: 5 modules, 8 days
Time: 17.03.-15.05.2020; 09:00-17:00
Program locations and languages: Zagreb (Croatian) and Wiesbaden / Frankfurt / Stuttgart (English)

1. MODUL ESSENTIALS OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT AND CONTROLLING                                                                                                                                                                              

      Tuesday, 17.03.2020, Zagreb

  • House of Innovation
  • The goals of innovation management and controlling
  • Organization, processes, instruments and function of innovation management and controlling
  • Innovation Performance Measurement & Scorecards
  • BUSINESS CASE: Linking business and innovation strategy

      Wednesday, 18.03.2020, Zagreb

  • Innovation culture
  • Idea generation
  • Product and-service development
  • Marketing of innovation
  • BUSINESS CASE: Design Thinking

      Thursday, 02.04.2020, Zagreb

  • The VUKA world - definition and challenges
  • Open Innnovations
  • Digitization and digital transformation
  • Disruptive business models
  • BUSINESS CASE: The Business Model Canvas

      Friday, 03.04.2020, Zagreb

  • Agility
  • Scrum
  • Lego Games
  • BUSINESS CASE: Application of creative techniques in practice

3. MODUL REAL CASES OF SUCCESSFUL INNOVATION MANAGEMENT AND CONTROLLING                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Monday, 20.04.2020, Wiesbaden / Frankfurt

  • Content, tasks and status quo of innovation management and controlling
  • Innovation success measurement
  • Innovation and R&D management with KPIs
  • Group work: KPIs development, evaluation and selection
  • REAL CASE: MERCEDES-BENZ (Guest presentation)

Tuesday, 21.04.2020, Wiesbaden / Frankfurt

  • Innovation portfolio: prioritization of projects
  • Innovation process: selection & evaluation of ideas
  • Instruments for successfully controlling the fuzzy front end
  • REAL CASE: SIEMENS (Guest presentation)


      Wednesday, 22.04.2020, Stuttgart


       Friday, 15.05.2020, Zagreb


Note: participation fee for the program includes lectures, presentation materials, lunches, breaks, travel expenses from Wiesbaden / Frankfurt to Stuttgart and back (04/22/2020) as well as international certification in Zagreb (EBS, SITE, Business Effectiveness).

Dr. Jan Christoph Munck

Dr. Jan Christoph Munck, Research Director at Strascheg Institute for Innovation, Transformation and Entrepreneurship at EBS Business School.

Innovation-Projects (excerpt):

  • Set-up of a product development process
  • Performance Measurement in the R&D context
  • Value Measurement Design Thinking
  • Value Measurement Open Innovation
  • Operational Management of the EBS Focus Groups: “Innovation & Control”, “Innovation Excellence” and “Smart Innovation in the Industry 4.0”.

Skills and focus of interest:

  • Research in Innovation (management control) and Transformation
  • Innovation management & -control
  • Start-Ups / Entrepreneurship
  • Industry 4.0
  • Project management & -control
  • Change Management.
Damir Kralj

Dr. Damir Kralj, Mercedes-Benz AG, Head of Parts Pricing Management Passenger Cars. Damir studied electrical and industrial engineering at the Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart in Germany. He graduated as PhD at the department of Controlling at the University of Stuttgart. Damir started his career at the consulting company Horváth & Partners where he had several international project assignments in the field of controlling and project management in automotive companies. In 2008 he was called up to join Mercedes-AMG. There he was entrusted to build up the new business segment “Performance Studio”. 2013 he was assigned to the After Sales Business in the headquarter where he now is responsible for the global Parts Pricing for all Mercedes-Benz passenger car brands. Up to 2019 Damir held a teaching assignment at the chair of Controlling & Performance Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Damir is always up for high alpine tours or sailing trips and, if there is still time, he does music.

Dr. Mladen Meter

Dr. Mladen Meter, is a consultant and managing director of Business effectiveness Ltd. for business consulting in the field of controlling, finance, management, accounting, internal audit and business information systems (ERP/SAP). He has extensive experience in management positions in international companies (Kaufland, Generali, Basler) and is currently working independently and with renowned foreign partners on numerous projects in Croatia and abroad. He received his Master's degree in 2005 from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, in 2006 he finished Controlling Stufenprogramm at Austrian Controller-Institut in Vienna and passed the examination for the Certified Controller. In 2012 he attained his PhD from the Faculty of Economics in Split. He also attended the IEDC Bled School of Management. He is a certified internal auditor for banks, financial institutions and information systems and is a member of consultants network of certified consultants of HAMAG for areas: business planning, finance, organization and business management. He has been a senior lecturer at the AACSB accredited business school for a number of years, and has lectured in Germany at ESB Business School in Reutlingen. He also frequently teaches on open and in-house education in Croatia and abroad.

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